How to Transport and Store your Celebration Cake

I put my heart and soul into making your cake perfect for your event so it's only right for me to give guidelines on how to transport your cake and store it to ensure it reaches its final destination:

  • Your cake will be assembled and stored in a cake box for you.  When carrying your cake it is important that the cake is kept flat and that you hold the cake underneath the box, never at the sides. Avoid tipping the box back towards you as this could lead to any toppers toppling off the cake or cause the cake to slide. 

  • I highly recommend you transport your cake in the boot of the car. Never put your cake on a seat. No matter how flat you think your car seats are, they are not. If you don’t have any boot space, then a footwell would be the next best place (without the heating on). 

  • To avoid the box slipping around, you could you use a non-slip mat such as a Yoga mat underneath the box. 

  • Drive carefully!  Avoid sudden braking and take corners as slowly as you can.  Plan your route to avoid speed bumps if possible. 

  • When you get the cake home keep it at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Do not put the cake in the fridge as this will make the fondant covering or modeled toppers sweat.

  • Finally, enjoy your celebration and the cake!!